From Our Clients

Mike Jams - Strategic Investor, Quebec, Canada
"I had an interest in off road racing, but no experience being from Quebec. I googled off road race school and found Ron, Shannon and Austin's school. Within a few weeks I was learning how to control a race car, radio communications and more. Since then I have been racing with the Desert Race School team in Southern California, Nevada and Baja. I look forward to more racing and success with the team!"

Ralf Kueller - Off Road Parts Manufacturer/Distributor, Germany
"I was invited to the annual King Of the Hammers off road race, but had never seen a desert! I contacted Desert Race School and before the race, we went out to the same desert as the race and I learned how to race safely and competitively. I became the first European finisher of King Of the Hammers! Thank you Desert Race School."

Corporate Investor - Bay Area, CA
"My daughter went to an off road race with friends and caught the bug. She then took me to a race, and we quickly bought a car and went racing! Well, that didn't go so well, as we only went a few miles in our first race, and lost the race car pre running the next race. Didn't even start! A good friend suggested we attend Desert Race School, and what a difference now in our race program. From prep, communications, logistics and of course car control, we learned a lot in two days. We have now finished every race and run at a competitive pace."